•Packing/Storage Services

Find out how items are protected and labeled. Most moving companies will shrink-wrap your sofa and provide a free blanket wrap service; smaller companies may charge for this service. Ask how items are labeled and how they will be identified on arrival. Make sure you keep an accurate list of all your items, number of boxes, single pieces and odds and ends. In addition, ask up front if the moving company expects appliance service charges, and if they do, ask about their policies for preparing appliances for transport to see if you can either do it yourself or find someone who’ll do it at no cost. In most cases,moving companies don’t charge for standard major appliances, but will for any extra item.

If you require storage, ask the moving company if they provide storage service. Usually, the larger moving companies do and this can save you time and money by having the moving truck drop off your items for you. It’s a good idea to check out the storage facility beforehand.

•Complaints and Claims

Ask the moving company if they have any unresolved complaints or claims against them. Most will give you a history of complaints and claims, and if they were resolved satisfactory for the client. Details won’t necessarily be provided, but if there are some outstanding issues, ask for more information about why and the nature of the complaint and claim. Also, ask how many claims and complaints they’ve had; this is a good indication of their incident record.

•Ask for Referrals/Recommendations

Most reliable moving companies will automatically provide you with letters of happy clients. And although anyone with a printer and computer could generate supportive documents, you can usually assume they are legitimate and factual, you can also read some online moving company reviews to get an idea about the movers performance. These should be offered along with your moving company quotes.  

. Storage and Whearhouse Fees

If you will be requiering storage during your relocation be sure to get clear costs up front and in writing so that there are no hidden surprises. Many moving companies will charge whearhouse handling fees or (SIT) storage in transit  charges if they must hold your items for any lenghth of time. These costs cover labor, insurance, supplies and so forth and will vary from mover to mover depending on your state and amount of items being stored.

.Damage Claims and Responsibilties

Declaring the value of your items is a very important step in your moving prepreation and one you should really think about. Moving companies are by law resposible to offer valuation coverage of $.60 cents per pound per article for any damages and or loss of your items while they are in the movers possesion. This may not be enough to cover the repair or cost to replace the dmaged item for example if your big screen TV is dmaged during shipping and it weights 80lbs the moving company is only resposible for $80.00 (80lbs x $.60); you should consider replacement insurance which in most cases is very resonable and can save you from the unknown. Make sure all these points are addressed on your online moving quote.

Have A Nice Move